Nordic Safari Sweden, earlier Nordic Safari Nature Experiences In Bergslagen, established 2007.
The name is new but the vision stays the same, to offer high class ecotourism
in the forests of Sweden on nature’s own terms.
We're based in Bergslagen, 160 km/2 hours drive north of Stockholm.

We offer wild nature experiences in small groups and welcome business groups,
family groups and individuals to our tours.
Our tours are created with our own love, knowledge and experience which we have
gained over the years as guides, nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers.

We care for biological diversity and a healthy ecosystem and our vision is to inspire,
educate and strengthen the bond between nature and human by our work.

All photos on our website is shot by our guides and guests.
The photos that belongs to our guests will have their name in the description.
All animals in the photos are photographed in the wild. visited us for a photo trip. Black grouse lek, capercaillie lek and owls.


Nature is our workplace and we show it respect by working according to our basic principles.

- We inform our guests about the Swedish right of public access.
- Whatever we bring with us, we take back home again.
- We stay calm in the field to not disturb animals, nature or other people in the area.
- We place great value on the places we visit and it’s of great importance
to be discrete and pay respect towards them.
- We care for nature and therefor we like to see it thrive.
For several years, we have helped different owl species in their reproduction by building nestboxes.
- We sort and recycle all waste on our trips.

- We encourage our guests to travel by public transport and build our tours so that it will be easy
to go by train or bus to our pick up point.

- We make environmentally conscious choices when purchasing and have sustainability as our goal.