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We are a group of nature enthusiasts with roots in the forests of Dalarna and Västmanland and that's where we have our base.
160km/2 hours drive north of Stockholm.


Our main goal is to reconnect humans with nature and thereby increase interest and commitment.

Nordic Safari Sweden was previously named Nordic Safari - nature experiences in Bergslagen.

The name has changed but the vision stays the same, to offer high-class ecotourism on nature's own terms.
Our experiences are created by our own love, knowledge and experience that we have

gained over the years as guides, nature enthusiasts and nature photographers and this is exactly what we want to share with you.
We always strive to work as locally and sustainably as possible by benefiting entrepreneurs in our county and our
tourism colleagues, recycle, think long-term when purchasing and inform our guests about the Swedish right of public access.
To stay calm in the fields is also of great importance such as respecting the animals and people who lives in the area.

We are always interested in participating in different types of nature conservation projects, so don't hesitate to contact us

if  you have something going on where you need helping hands.

All photos on our website are taken by our guides and guests.

The photos taken by our guests have their names in the photo description.

All animals are photographed in the wild.



Capercaillie lek, Wild wolf adventure

Niklas mostly leads our capercaillie and wolf tours.

He is a skilled tracker and anyone who accompanies Niklas into the territory  will learn a whole lot about tracking and the life of the wolf family.


In addition to his knowledge of wolves, he has spent countless nights at the capercaillie lek. He is the one who maps out the arena and strategically places all the hides in April when it is time for the roosters to fight for the hens. He is a very committed guide who is passionate about showing our guests wild Swedish nature.


Niklas joined the team in 2021.


Black grouse lek, Owl safari

Rebecca is the one who guides you out on the vast mire to the black grouse arena and shows you the magical forest of the owls.

She has a sharp eye and can quickly distinguish the silhouette of an owl among spruce and pine and she has a burning interest and love for all animals, big and small. She is also the nature photographer behind many of the photos on our website.


She is the driving force in Nordic Safari Sweden's owl project, where we build and assemble nesting sites for our Swedish owls, whose reproduction is severely affected by modern forestry.

We are always open to participating in other people's nature conservation projects, so feel free to send Rebecca an email if you have a project where you need helping hands.


Rebecca joined the team in 2021.


Owl safari, Customised tours

Lars founded Nordic Safari - nature experiences in Bergslagen in 2007 and since 2021 he has taken more time to enjoy his retirement after being in the service of nature for many years.


He may have received a few extra retiring hours, but Lars still hangs around and works as a guide.

He guides owl safaris and takes on custom-made tours such as
three-toed woodpecker, red-throated loon and hazel grouse.

Lars' knowledge of everything from birds to butterflies and plants is a huge asset. He always offers the little extra and you are guaranteed to bring new knowledge with you back home.


Lars founded the company in 2007. visited us for a photo trip. Black grouse lek, capercaillie lek and owls.

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