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- Our guests about their adventures with us!

"A nature experience beyond the ordinary!
Sleeping in the forest and hearing the mighty capercaillie arrive before falling asleep and being woken up in the morning by a capercaillie standing three meters from the hide - is something that everyone should experience at some point in their life!

"We got to get very close to ural owls with owlets. Fantastic nature experience and we got very good photos.
The arrangement from our guides was well laid out and we had a great time."


"Fantastically beautiful environments, great photos and a wonderful nature experience!

Also very nice and experienced guide.''


“It is a truly enriching activity in the heart of nature, not only for those who love these amazing canines, but also for those who feel a deeper connection with the planet than their own limbs provide. My knowledge has been immensely enriched by the guide, not only because of his competence, but also because of his preparation.”


“Spent two fantastic sittings at the end of April. It was a great natural experience to hear the grouse fly in and to see them play at dawn. Amazingly beautiful! Very committed and nice guides!”


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